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Christopher Juicy Turner
Christopher "Juicy"

is a seasoned in world cuisine and is THE pit boss. Experienced and knowledgable of West Indian, Mediterranean, Latin, Americana and Asian cuisine, he has been preparing food for people for 25 years, traveling the world honing his art. From Columbus, OH, Chris proudly possesses a film degree, used to worked as a film professional in NYC for 9 years.

"Nine years in NYC rounded me out and created skills needed to succeed in business and life." A DGA card holder and he worked with many famous personalities over the years; experience is on display in every dish. The Shanty started in Durango, CO and now services Ithaca, NY and surrounding areas.

Alexa Alfonsi

Lady Juicy

She has recently accepted a position at Cornell University in their PMA program as the Stage manager and remains active in administration and planning of Juicy's Shanty. When she's not scheduling and planning theater, film and Juicy's, Alexa can be found in her bee yard. 

"The most important living thing on this entire planet is the size of your smallest fingernail, and it is up to us to keep them alive!" Alexa is proud to play a role in the conservation and continuation of the honeybee population and looks forward to doing the same in the Tompkins County, NY. 

Alexa has worked in the Theatre, Film and Television industries in New York City, hanging lights for Lincoln Center and running around some of the most insane television sets. This is where she was introduced to her partner, Christopher Turner. The two met on the set of Fast and Furious 8 in 2016, and have been together since 2017. While Chris is the creative and drive of The Shanty, Alexa is certainly the five star service and is the only human to keep Juicy in check, the people person of the pair. Look for her at large events and festivals The Shanty attends.

"Bee Charmer"
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