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We have an unseen event we have to tend to, apologies, though we plan to be open the following week for lunch going forward in Slaterville Springs,


We have been approved for off street parking at the Slaterville Springs Volunteer Fire DEPT

Street parking is available within the FOG LINE at the drivers risk and overflow parking is available at the Caroline Town Hall for those worried about parking on the street.


2675 Slaterville RD. Slaterville Springs, NY 14881

Across the street from Town of Caroline Town Hall and next to the Slaterville Springs Fire Dept.

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 4pm-7pm

Additional days and locations coming soon!




It's with great pride and enthusiasm I announce my talented partner and co-owner Alexa, the woman you've seen in the window EVERYDAY we've been open has accepted a position as THE Stage Manager at Cornell University in their Theater and Media Arts Department.


She is following her passion and pursuing a career in theater and I want to extend my full support and admiration of this amazing opportunity ahead of her.


With that said, Juicy's Shanty will be moving to Ithaca, NY  and we look to be open in the coming months. JUICY'S GOING IVY LEAGUE!!! We have a line in on several events and locations which are extremely lucrative. Ithaca has year round events, permitting system and zoning IN ITHACA city limits which fit the food truck business model to work in the city right-of-way, one issue we have fought to implement in Durango, CO. This hurdle is one I look forward to pass. There have been only so many locations and events in Durango to get set up and the options in Ithaca make the area extremely attractive for any mobile food vendor.

I want to thank our supporters for our time in SW Colorado. It was a great test market to get our concept established and I appreciate all the feedback we've received from you. Opening a business in Durango has been difficult, all the adversity has made me stronger and ready for the obstacles ahead in Upstate New York. I look forward to serving the Finger Lakes Region and hope that if any of our Colorado supporters are in the area, they'll come and show us some love. 

Best to all our Durangatans,

-Chris "Juicy"



It has been an "Odyssey" getting the food truck, smoker and personal effects to Upstate NY, but WE'RE ALL HERE!

It is ironic, the journey we have been on and how comparable it is to Homer's epic poem....

It could only be ITHACA, NY!!

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known..." - Carl Sagan 

We're currently in the process of flipping insurance, permits, etc. from Colorado to New York. It's amazing to be in a place with structure and options for a mobile food vendors. Common sense rules and regulations are in place for Tompkins County, it's something we've been looking for since August 2022.  We have contacted and been contacted by so many businesses and individuals about locations, times and opening dates. The people of Ithaca can't wait for us to be open, however we do not have a solid opening day yet (hoping for early spring, March/April), but we have a few potentially amazing locations lined up and look forward to announcing them once we're locked in place.











The truck is getting some love to keep it up to code for our new home in Caroline, NY. Health, fire and state inspections are in process to keep up with our standard of cleanliness and operational standards. After a 2000 mile journey, its absolutely necessary. Hoping to have our emissions and safety inspection done early next week and a preliminary health inspection to follow soon after. We have talked and attended meetings at local hamlets and towns planning boards and volunteer fire departments in Caroline and Dryden, NY. We have two locations slated to begin service in March of 2024;

Base of Operations - Thursdays & Saturdays:

2675 Slaterville Rd. Slaterville Springs, NY 14881

Commisarry Kitchen - Fridays:

Varna Community Association - 943 Dryden Rd. Ithaca, NY 14850

Additional locations and times will be announced when we are locked in and get our feet back on the ground.

We have to say we have been well received by our locations, future customers and city health, fire and planning boards. There has been an overwhelming amount of support for our plans and our goals to be a positive addition to the area's mobile food suppliers. We're itching to get back at it and will update next week once all inspections are completed. Keep an eye out in Slaterville Springs, directly across the street from the Caroline City Hall!


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